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Furnace Tune Ups

Five Benefits of Scheduling Your Fall Furnace Tune-Up

Winter is almost coming eventually in Southeastern Wisconsin. Have you had the experts at Nimmer Heating & Air Conditioning inspect your furnace for the heating season? There are multiple benefits to scheduling a fall furnace tune-up, including lower energy bills and more reliable system performance. And autumn is the perfect time to get your heating inspected! If you’re looking to schedule a furnace tune-up here in Milwaukee, contact us now.

1. Avoid emergency breakdowns

The primary benefit of scheduling a fall furnace tune-up is that it boosts your chances of avoiding an emergency breakdown of the furnace this winter. To avoid the need for furnace repair, you should consider getting your furnace checked and serviced during the fall.

2. Increased lifespan

A furnace that is serviced regularly will undergo less wear-and-tear. It will run more efficiently, saving you money in the short-term and reducing the “mileage” being put on the system every winter. Over successive years, this will result in the extended lifespan of the unit.

3. Avoid paying high energy bills

A properly tuned-up furnace will work efficiently without using extra gas or electricity. If the furnace is not tuned up or cleaned properly, it could need more energy to produce less heating as it has to push heated air past dust and grime. By scheduling a furnace tune-up this fall, you can save on your energy bills all winter long.

4. Maintain your system’s warranty

A regular tune-up will help to maintain the integrity of the warranty of the system. Most manufacturers do require that your furnace be serviced regularly by a professional in order to keep the warranty valid. Skipping a service date could potentially void the warranty. Don’t be kicking yourself when your furnace breaks down and you find that the warranty has lapsed.

5. Keep your furnace running safely

Keeping the furnace in good condition can help to ensure the safety of the household. An experienced Nimmer technician will scan for any gas leakage from the heat exchanger during a routine inspection.  A cracked heat exchanger can potentially leak carbon monoxide gas.

If you want to avoid the unpleasant situation of a furnace breakdown during the winter, you should consider getting your furnace checked up during the fall. Here in the greater Milwaukee area, Nimmer Heating & Air Conditioning are the team to contact.

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