HVAC Youth Apprenticeship

Nimmer Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with Auer Steel & Heating Supply Co.  to participate in Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship Certification Program designed for high school students who are looking for a paid on-the-job work experience learning about the trades, such as HVAC, while completing the junior/senior years of their home high school.

Youth Apprentices:

-Discover if they like the trades prior to completing high school

-Receive high school credits

-Paid for on-the-job work experience

-Enroll in related courses at their school

Nimmer, as Apprentice Host:

-Work with the school on their schedule (apprentices come in during specific school periods each day)

-Provide two mentors

-Highly competitive wage when compared to other opportunities outside the trades

Email office@nimmerheating.com for more information on the apprenticeship program.

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